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Lead article Carmen Musat discusses the case of Vintila Horia (d. 1992). Horia won then lost (in 1960) the Prix Goncourt for his novel Dumnezeu s-a nascut in exil (God was Born in Exile). Musat examines the delicate relationship between an author’s work and his biography, especially sensitive in this case where the life was marked in different ways by extremist ideologies from the right and left. Politics Sabina Fati comments on Oliver Mongin’s concept of „democratic intellectuals,” who are „moral critics of the existing order.” Ciprian Ciucu comments on Romanian politicians’ super-star attitudes at the May 1st demonstrations. The events of the week Florina Pirjol describes the 2006 Romanian Writers’ Union Awards, which took place in the Hall of Mirrors at the Writers’ Union in Bucharest on April 26th. Anca Rotescu and Iulia Popovici comment in separate articles on the Uniter Award Gala which took place in Sibiu, the European Cultural Capital for 2006, on April 23rd. Debate The third part of the debate on the future of Romanian left-wing parties continues in this week’s edition with two articles signed by Adina Dinitoiu and Jean Bricmond. The Bricmond article may also be read in Le monde diplomatique, no. 8, […]
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