The Observer, in short

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Lead article Carmen Musat comments on the Young Writers’ Colloquy in Cluj, organized by the Writers’ Union. Musat observes that neither youth nor age defines literary value and that in any event the Colloquy is a hold-over from the old regime. Politics Sabina Fati discusses the debate conducted by Realitatea Television in collaboration with Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Realitatea has invited the leaders of Romanian press trusts – Dan Voiculescu, Dinu Patriciu and Sorin Ovidiu Vintu – to comment on the accusation that they were implicated in the suspension of President Trian Basescu by manipulating political opinion. So far, only Vintu has come foreword. Vintu directs the trust that includes Realitatea TV. Ciprian Ciucu observes that the new governmental cabinet is under the control of the Social Democratic Party, which only supports the Liberal government in order to implement PSD’s own electoral program. Latest events The Observer publishes two articles signed by Bogdan Cretu and Vasile Ernu on the Young Writers’ National Colloquy in Cluj, which seems to have been merely an occasion for „young” authors to quarrel. Andreea Rasuceanu interviews novelist and psychoanalyst Philippe Grimbert, who visited Romania for the launch of his novel, A Secret (Bucharest: Trei, 2007). The […]
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