The Observer, in short

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Lead article Carmen Musat discusses the possibility of preserving the remains of old buildings recently discovered during work to restore Bucharest’s historic center. Politics Sabina Fati looks at the reasons for some intellectuals’ support for President Basescu. Renate Weber discusses President Basescu’s relation with the Department of Justice via the Constitutional Court and the Council of Superior Magistrates. The Observer publishes a second excerpt from Rene Remond’s La politique n’est plus ce qu’elle etait (Politics Isn’t What it Used to Be). The current passage has to do with the decline of ideology, religion and politics. Latest Ciprian Ciucu looks at the consequences of President Basescu’s report on the state of the educational system. Ruxandra Ana and Alexandra Ioana Pescariu present the first public reading organized by The Observer at Club Imperium in Sibiu on July 12. Caius Dobrescu, Doina Ioanid and Vasile Ernu read excerpts from their work. Book reviews Bianca Burta-Cernat comments on Gabriela Adamesteanu’s Intalnirea (The Encounter, Iasi: Polirom, 2007), a novel that creates an alternate Odyssey via expatriate Trian Manu’s return to Romania in the late Communist period. Bogdan-Alexandru Stanescu comments on Neil Gaiman’s novel, Zeii americani (The American Gods, Bucharest: Tritonic, 2007). Gaiman mixes mythological narratives, […]
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