The Observer, in short

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Lead article Ovidiu Simonca discusses the poor results of this year’s competition for teaching jobs. Politics Sabina Fati declares that the intellectuals who support Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu refuse to acknowledge the Prime Minister’s mistakes. Ciprian Ciucu writes about the lack of common sense displayed by the media. Renate Weber publishes the first part of her article on ‘Politics during the Heat’—a discussion of recent political changes. Latest Vasile Docea explains the purpose of GRU (the Group for Reform in the University), which was organized at the Western University in Timisoara to unmask the corruption at that University.. Daniel Vighi comments on Ioan Biris’ Ph.D., a degree mentored by Dumitru Popescu, a major activist in the Communist Party. Biris is Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences at the Western University in Timisoara. The Observer publishes an open letter to President Traian Basescu signed by GRU members Vasile Docea, Iancu Lucica, Viorel Marineasa, Marcel Tolcea and Daniel Vighi. Viorel Marineasa comments on the Presidential Commission now studying the educational system. Iancu Lucica says that reform is not a solution for the educational system. We need a total and radical change. Recent history Iulia Deleanu presents […]
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