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Lead article Carmen Musat looks at last week’s murder of Giovanna Reggiani in Rome by a Romanian citizen and says that neither geniuses not criminals represent an entire people, though we assume the glory and the shame of both. The shame that attaches to being Romanian in the aftermath of the Reggiani tragedy can not come exclusively from special cases of criminality any more than national pride can logically arise from the achievements of a Ionescu or a Dobrin. As we feel shame at the world level, it can be laid at the door of elected officials who represent us. Politics Bedros Horasangian says that the murder of Giovanna Reggiani regards us all, touches us all, humiliates us all. We can not shrug our shoulders. May God rest the soul of Giovanna Reggiani! Ciprian Ciucu has words to say about Minister of External Affairs Adrian Cioroianu’s suggestion that delinquent Romm be deported to the desert. Ovidiu Simonca offers two different perspectives on the uninominal vote and argues that Cristian Pirvulescu’s solution best solves the present political crisis. Ovidiu Simonca interviews Cristian Pirvulescu on his uninominal vote project and finds that Pirvulescu has been menaced to drop it. Ioana Paverman looks […]
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