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Lead article Carmen Musat writes: last week Marius Oprea, the director of the Institute for Investigating the Crimes of Communism, sent an open letter to Vladimir Tismaneanu, head of the Presidential Commission for the Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania. Although the letter was sent to all major publications, none published the letter in toto. Vladimir Tismaneanu and Sorin Iliesiu’s contradictory marginal notes did make the papers, though—as might have been guessed since it has become customary to pre-empt individual judgment by pouring on the commentary while suppressing evidence. Musat asks if it’s really too much to look for logic in political commentary—and publishes Opera’s letter in full on the Observer’s back page. Politics Bedros Horasangian discusses President Basescu’s rejection of Norica Nicolai as Minister of Justice. Ciprian Ciucu concludes that President Basescu’s political style has contaminated the entire political class. Bogdan Suceava encourages everyone to vote in the Parliamentary Elections in the fall of 2008. It could make a difference. Event Peter Nadas, the Hungrian writer, visited Bucharest last week for the opening of his play, Inmormintarea / Burial, directed by Laszlo Bocsardi and translated by Anamaria Pop at the Comedy Theatre. Accompanied by his translator, Nadas visited […]
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